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Learn more about Jasmin's fight against Leukemia

Meet Jasmin

A caring big sister and lover of princesses, Jasmin Murray is an active and rambunctious 7-year old from Lansing, Michigan. Though she still receives chemotherapy, Jasmin is thrilled to finally be back in school as much as her health and endurance will allow.

Jasmin's fight

At just 6-years old, Jasmin was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a rare form of cancer affecting the white blood cells. Due to her chemotherapy, she soon developed an invasive fungal infection that required her to be attached to an IV for 8 hours every day.

Though she still has chemo treatments once a month, Jasmin is currently in the “maintenance phase” of her chemotherapy, which is the last phase before she can claim remission.

Jasmin's family

Jasmin is the daughter of superhero parents, Daniel and Sarah Murray. She also has a sweet brother named Osage, and a baby sister, Violet, who can make Jasmin smile no matter how bad the chemo makes her feel.

Daniel and Sarah have met many other families of children undergoing chemotherapy at Jasmin’s hospital, and find they often comment on Jasmin’s devotion to befriending and inspiring her fellow leukemia patients, even while she is fighting a battle of her own.

The Price of Freedom

Jasmin’s father, Daniel, is active duty Army reserve and has served in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. In addition to caring for Jasmin's Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Daniel and his wife, Sarah, also tend to Jasmin’s younger brother, Osage, who has been diagnosed with Failure to Thrive.

Though both diseases are extremely rare, they are far more likely to occur in children of those who served in the Gulf War. Tragically the VA refuses to acknowledge fault and fully cover Jasmin's treatment. It's now up to us, the ones that Daniel was protecting, to help pay the price that he paid to protect our freedom.

About Project Ana

What is Project Ana?

Project Ana is the passion project that informs the the development of the Charity ROOT non-profit software suite.

Effective, useful, and efficient software can only be developed as a response to real life business needs. By executing various camapaigns through Project Ana, Charity ROOT has been able to develop a robust set of tools for helping non-profits thrive.

What's Project Ana working on?

Project Ana's activity ebbs and flows. Since it's a project, a work in progress, we pick up causes as they come along. We take projects that we both care deeply about and can help us improve our software. For instance, Jasmin's cause forced us to create software for fundraising events.

Project Ana volunteers at the Joyful Heart Daycare in Tijuana Prior to Jasmin, we focused on providing non-profits and impoverished communites with direct access to global product distribution channels. Our software removes the middle man, so all of the profits from sales go directly to the non-profit, individual, or community that created a product.

We believe that this sustainable revenue can break the cycle of poverty for families and communities, or allow non-profit directors to spend more time serving and less time fund raising.

What we believe

  1. We believe that technology can and should allow anyone, anywhere to trade with everyone, everywhere.
  2. We believe that non-profit directors, staff members, and volunteers should be able to spend less time fundraising and more time working to fulfill their mission.
  3. We believe that consumers have the right to know where every penny of their purchases and donations are distributed and spent.
  4. We believe that consumers should know the complete story behind the products that they purchase.
  5. We believe that non-profits should have free access to crowdfunding technologies.

What does "Ana" mean?

"Ana" is an Akkadian preposition that can mean "for the purpose of". Akkadian is one of the earliest written languages. It began to develop from the Sumerian language in Mesopotamia around 2900 B.C. The first known Akkadian writing dates back to 2500 B.C.
The Project Ana logo is the Akkadian symbol for "Ana".