What does Project Ana do exactly?

  1. Product Development

    Project Ana works directly with non-profits and communities to help install a product development strategy. We attempt to utilize the readily available talent and materials to create products that will be in demand in economically developed markets.

  2. Logistics

    Project Ana handles all of the product warehousing, order fulfillment, and international shipping needs of our product producers. The product producers need only to ship the products in bulk to one of our US or UK warehouses. Project Ana will handle the rest.

  3. Sales & Marketing

    Project Ana has developed a proprietary e-commerce platform to ensure transparency in the sales process. Consumers can see at each step in the sales process exactly where their money is going.

    The Project Ana platform was also developed to ensure maximum social virality. Consumers have the opportunity to track the revenue they've generated through both sales and referrals. The platform also makes product referrals easy.

    We also ensure that products are synced in real-time on other e-commerce aggregators such as Google and Amazon. Our REST API also allows developers to easily integrate our product database with any 3rd party platform.