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We have a great opportunity to help The Sukrupa Education Center develop products that are marketable here in United States.

Currently, Sukrupa employs the parents of the children in their school by manufacturing small silk elephant dolls. They then sell these dolls domestically in Bangalore for about $2 USD. After expenses, they are left with less than $1. We can apply the same practices to handbags and sell them for $15-20 here in the United States. We aim to collect at least $10 of gross profit per product sale for Sukrupa.

We need to take a trip to Bangalore to buy textiles, train them on our distribution procedures, and organize their warehouse. We'll send photo samples back to our designer to make sure we purchase materials that are fashionable. They have warehouse space now, but it's very unorganized. We can implement the Project Ana product distribution platform to help them become more efficient.

A talented and experienced Hollywood based filmaker has agreed to accompany us on this trip to document the process. This is a great opportunity for us to show our supporters exactly what we do and how we do it.

Project Staff