Candy Wrapper Clutch

Candy Wrapper Clutch

$23.00    $19.00 will go directly to 2 causes.
Sponsor: Project Ana
Material: Candy Wrapper

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Product Info

This Candy Wrapper Clutch is hand crafted by a family in Tijuana. The family has been making palm woven bags for over 30 years. However, due to urbanization, they are no longer able to obtain enough palm to continue their business. They instead began to make these hand bags out of the extra packaging that they are able to obtain from local factories. We’ve been working on developing a similar product with a family in Ojo de Agua, so when we saw this product on Santiago Arguello St. in Tijuana, we stopped to learn more. Antonio, the owner of the shop, explained to us how his family business is transitioning from palm to other, more available, resources.This product is not necessarily typical for Project Ana. We would normally set a product up for long term production and fulfillment instead of simply buying products up front. However, in this case, sympathizing with Antonio’s struggles, we decided to buy inventory up front at market value.  We do have Antonio’s contact information, so if we find a market for this first batch of bags, we will discuss with him the process of setting up a long term direct distribution channel. Since this is not a typical product, the revenue distribution is somewhat arbitrary.  We’ve decided to apply the profit margins to Education Project International’s scholarship fund for children in Ojo de Agua. If we develop a further relationship with Antonio, we’ll make sure his family gets more of the margins.

Where does the money go?

Support for Jasmin $11.00
Antonio $8.00
shipping $1.00
warehousing $2.50
packaging $0.50



Product Details

  • Inventory In Warehouses: 2
  • Material: Candy Wrapper
  • Sizes: large - 13" x 7", small - 6" x 4"
  • Colors: multi-color

Production Team

  • City: New York, New York
    Title: Distribution Manager
  • City: Los Angeles, California
    Title: Distribution Manager
  • Title: Product Creator
    City: Tijuana, Baja California