Q:When I buy a product, how long will it take for me to receive it?
A:We only sell products that are already in our warehouse and ready to ship immediately. When you checkout, you will choose your shipping service. This will determine how quickly you will recieve your product(s).
Q:Who actually makes the products?
A:You can see exactly who makes the products you are purchasing on the product's page. We work directly with community members to help them refine their production processes. Either {{SITE_NAME}} or our partner organizations have direct relationship with the people who are producing the products.
Q:Is there any way I can get involved?
A:Absolutely. It takes a village. We'll take any help we can get.
Here are few immediate needs:
  • Spread the word. Our platform is extremely social. A few seeds could grow a forest.
  • Legal. We could use some free legal advice.
  • PR. We need a publicist.
  • Accounting/Tax Law. We need some counsel with regards to tax law with non-profits and e-commerce.
  • Human Capital. We need people on the ground in a few locations. We have connections in a few countries, but we need someone on the ground for a couple weeks to get our logistics ironed out. Let us know if you're interested and able.
Q:What do you do with the portion of the purchase that you keep?
A:We stive to be sustainable ourselves. We'll adjust what we keep to sustain our own operationg expenses. We could increase our portion as we see opportunities to develop new products, or we may decrease our cut if we choose to plateau our growth. Our expenses include servers, marketing materials, marketing campaigns, legal fees, video editing services, travel, warehousing fees, and labor for various tasks.
Q:Why don't any of the supporter perks include free products or discounts?
A:Giving away free products or discounts would take money directly away from the people we are trying to help. This doesn't seem like good business to us.