Phase 1: Infrastructure Test and Fund Raising

Product development in impoverished communities is our goal. However, we have to walk before we can run. Phase 1 will test our order fulfillment and product distribution infrastructure while raising money for Phase 2.

We're working with BluDemocracy to offer Bamboo Fiber T-shirts with the logos of our initial partner organizations. (Bamboo Fiber consumes 1/3 less water than cotton.) The proceeds from the sales will go towards helping the organizations develop product creation and distribution models in the communities in which they are already embedded.

While the products offered during Phase 1 are not manufactured by impoverished communities as our mission dictates, they were all acquired via fair trade routes.

Remember, Phase 1 is a test. If you order a product, please leave a review. If you have problems using the site or receiving your order, please contact us. It’s important that we work out all of the kinks before families begin depending on us to deliver on our promises.

Phase 2: Product Development

We will begin developing products in impoverished communities once all of the bugs and hindrances have been worked out. We'll devise Phase 2 in a manner that will allow us to work out the inevitable struggles involved with product development in 3rd world countries.

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