The Kai Project

The Kai Project

The Kai Project provides resources such as funding, consultation, and training to facilitate financial stability and independence for individuals in need, in order to promote and cultivate entrepreneurial ambition.

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The Kai Project is a Los Angeles based non-profit organization whose goal is to empower small businesses around the globe by promoting entrepreneurial ventures and providing business resources in developing countries.

Founded in November 2012 by Kelly Stieglitz and Angela Fisher, what started as an idea led into a series of brainstorming sessions, which quickly developed into a solid plan with an outlined agenda to become what is now titled The Kai Project. With Kelly’s background in global development and Angela’s business know-how, the two combined forces to not only lay the groundwork for a lasting partnership, but to build the foundation of an organization with meaning and the means to impact the neighboring economies of struggling countries.

With a goal in mind and the groundwork in place, Kelly and Angela began work expanding their idea to set the standard for business owners around the world. The Kai Project strives to empower those in the greatest need to rise out of their circumstances and create a better life for themselves. We are here to open doors that might have otherwise remained closed by providing outlets for our beneficiaries to cultivate and grow their individual business ideas, therefore becoming financially stable and secure through their own tenacity.

We are not offering handouts, and we are not employing people to work at any business that we profit from. Instead, we are putting the reigns in the hands of the visionaries and paving the way for them to become self-sufficient, for a person can render no greater service to his community and humanity then to make the most of himself.

The Kai Project founder Kelly Stieglitz and Project Ana founder Rob Steiner met at a Kai Project fundraiser in Los Angeles in 2012.