We've bootstrapped operating expenses completely up to this point. We've spent a lot of time and money developing our platform. We've taken numerous trips to Mexico and India to develop relationships and product channels. We've accomplished a lot on our own. We believe in working hard and sustaining ourselves, but we do need your help.

We've developed several incentives to make supporting Project Ana�fun and lucrative.

Keeping with our cornerstone of transparency, here's what we need:

  • Web Hosting Costs. We're built on scalable cloud technology. Our static media is delivered via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure the fastest speeds possible. We'll spend about $150 a month to ensure a fast and stable environment.
  • Print Collateral. We include branded tags and QR codes on our products. We also need some business cards and brochures to help us spread the word. Since we can do all of our design in-house, this will only costs about $50 per month.
  • Product Pre-payments. In the future, we will have our partners ship the products to our warehouses, trusting that they will be sold. However, for now, we don't feel justified in doing this. We don't have a sufficient track record. For now, we would like to buy the products from our partners upfront for the local market value. We'll then pay them back on the margins we make. After we do this once, we'll hope for their trust. $1,000 should allow us to purchase a sufficient amount of inventory. Most of any extra funds that we may raise will go to this area.
  • Warehousing Expenses. We have to pay a small amount to the warehouse to store the products until they're shipped. This expense will be rolled into the margins on the products in the future. But for now, we'll have to cover it until we have inventory fluidity. It will only take about $300 to cover our initial inventory. We also have to monthly flat fees for the space we consume within our warehouses. This expense should be approximately $100 a month once we have a full line of product offerings.
  • Press Release. PRWeb charges $369 for a very effective press release. It will help a lot with SEO while also giving any pro-bono publicists we might be able to land something to work with.
  • Shipping Expenses. We'll need to pay to ship the first couple of batches of products that we purchase to our warehouses. In the future, we will expect our partners to pay this cost. They will be happy to do so because they will know that their products will sell. $300�will allow us to distribute products throughout our network of warehouses.
  • Advertising. With our extensive experience with pay-per-click (PPC) and social media marketing, we can make a small budget go a long way. $1,500�will buy us the base audience reach needed to ensure organic growth in reach for foreseeable future. We are currently spending approximately $100�per month on advertising.
  • Office Space. We are a member of HUB LA, a non-profit/social-good collective in downtown Los Angeles. This gives us a brick and mortar address, conference rooms, and office space for $150�per month.