Project Ana

Project Ana

Project Ana provides software that helps develop sustainable revenue for non-profit organizations and impoverished communities.

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Project Ana started as an experiment. In 2012, it's founder began writing software to help non-profits generate sustainable revenue and leverage technology to make their operations more efficient. He soon realized, however, that this could not effectively be accomplished without firsthand experience.

Project Ana takes on various types of philanthropic endeavors. Each new campaign provides new insights into the challenges that other non-profits may face. This allows for software development that directly addresses the real-time needs of non-profits.

For instance, through the rehabilitation of the Joyful Heart Daycare, we learned what was needed to effectively develop fundraising, volunteer management, and expense tracking tools.

Jasmin MurrayThrough supporting Jasmin with her fight with cancer, we've developed event management and auction tools.

Both of these campaigns have taught us how to leverage a mixture of product sales and donations to reach fundraising goals. Through product sales and development, we've learned how to manage a global product supply chain and order fulfillment.

The software is now in beta and can used by other non-profits upon request or invitation.

Project Ana Staff

  • City: New York, New York
    Title: Founder/Director
  • City: Los Angeles, California
    Title: Operations Director
  • City: Los Angeles, California
    Title: Director of Product Development